Thanks, everyone, for the generous outpouring of expertise in response to my question.  I've attached here a summary of sources for network instruments.  It includes papers, actual samples of questionnaires and some excellent references on work being done on the networks of R&D scientists.  I've also submitted this for the INSNA Network FAQs, so we can refer to it easily any time someone has a similar question.

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On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Jean Singer wrote:

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Subject: Sample Questionnaires

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Greetings SocNetters --

I'm working on my thesis, and will be examining the social networks of
creative R&D scientists in terms of their range, that is, the degree to
which they are connected to diverse others (Burt 1983).  My challenge
right now is designing the questionnaire.  I've read a number of
descriptions of questionnaire design (e.g., Marsden) but have not been
able to find many actual samples.  It would help to get the look and
feel, and learn from the phrasing and structure of questions that other
people have used.  I've also checked the SocNet FAQs -- there's a
question on name generators, but it's not yet answered.  Can anyone
point me to a good source of sample questionnaires?  Both paper and
electronic questionnaires would be of interest.

Many thanks --


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