To:  Graduate Students,
cc:    Department Chairs, Graduate Coordinators, Administrative Staff

Welcome to the Spring 2004 term! In an effort to keep you better informed
and simplify our method of communication, the Graduate School will be using
the new university website at This website is the now the
official communication portal for students, faculty, and staff.

For the last few years, graduate students have been receiving e-mail
messages (via GatorLink accounts) from the Graduate School. During Fall
2003, all notices were sent by e-mail and also posted to the new
website. Beginning this term, we will be posting most messages exclusively
on this new website, so you should expect to check it regularly for all
information related to policies, procedures, funding opportunities, campus
activities, etc. The site should be more helpful than messages since notices
can stay posted for a longer time. E-mail will be reserved for brief
reminders or for critical time-sensitive information.

To view graduate notices, subscribe to the Graduate Student section within
the Student News pagelet by using the following directions.  Best wishes for
a successful term!

Log on to myUFL at with your GatorLink username and
You will see the 'Student News' pagelet in the top center of the page.
Click on the 'edit' button in the top right hand corner of the Student News
Check the box next to 'Graduate Students' and hit the 'Save' button.
Verify that the pagelet is now on the page you want it to appear.
The 'Graduate Students' section will now appear on the Student News pagelet
every time you log on.

Graduate School
University of Florida
Grinter Hall  P.O. Box 115500
Gainesville, Florida 32611-5500
Phone: (352) 392-6622  Fax: (352) 392-8729