Thanks for that suggestion.  That could be a very good topic for one of
our all tutor meetings.  Last semester we had a "confrontation" that
went terribly wrong because of one student who was trying to monopolize
the time of a tutor.  I got into it without realizing what was going on,
and I have been feeling the repercussions ever since.  This student
decided she didn't like the way I handled it, so she went to one of the
deans (not the one who is in charge of the Tutoring Center) and lodged a
complaint against me.  If the tutor involved knew how to handle this
(with some assertiveness training), this might not have exploded the way
it did.

Regarding the assertiveness training, I have some tutors from cultures
that might interfere with their ability to "assert" themselves.  This
was the situation in the above encounter.  A female tutor from the
Middle East had problems telling a rather pushy student (who was also
much older than the tutor) that she would have to wait because there
were others ahead of her.  Have you had tutors who have been able to
overcome the cultural background and learn the type of assertiveness
necessary for working in your center?  We have tutors from Vietnam,
China, Poland, Russia, Lebanon, Iran, India, Mexico, and Spain.  Many of
the tutors are international students who are very shy and introverted.
However, not only the international students need the training.  Many of
us could really benefit from the training.

I am going to talk to some of the instructors on campus to see if there
is anyone who can give a workshop in assertiveness.  This is a great
suggestion!  I never want to go through what I went through last fall!

Kathy Gutierrez
Santiago Canyon College
Tutoring Center
714-516-9172 (fax)

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare.
It is because we do not dare that things are difficult.
-- Seneca

-----Original Message-----
From: Lisa Kramme [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 2:36 PM
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: Re: Learning Center Rules

I understand a need for rules regarding cell phone use, children in the
center, etc., but I wanted to suggest assertiveness training for your
tutors for some of the other concerns, such as socializing and
monopolization of tutor time.

Because tutors can sometimes be put in awkward situations with peers and
sometimes can be taken advantage of, we have done this training.  Our
tutors seemed to really like learning how to be assertive, and staff
members reported that they used their skills following the training.
Best wishes!

Lisa Kramme
Dir. of Academic Support Services
Midland Lutheran College
900 N. Clarkson
Fremont, NE  68025
(402) 941-6257

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