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> Hi: You may take some decisions. To dichotomize using a cut-off value and
> then symetrize or just the first step.

Dichotomizing seems to have done the trick.

> Anyway, I wonder why you want to compare them.

I have sampled the hyperlinks made by an online community to form my
network. The community is based around certain beliefs which are very likely
to stem from psychosis. The psychiatric criteria for a belief to be
diagnosable as a delusion states that it cannot be one held by your culture
or subculture. I am in the process of analysing the network, part of which
involves comparing the sampled network to other known social networks to see
if there are similarities. If the sampled network shows similar properties
to known social networks, this would suggest that people have formed a
subculture around a potentially delusional belief, which suggests the
diagnostic criteria might have to be changed in light of internet
facilitated communication.

My background is in psychology, so network analysis is somewhat new to me,
and there seems to be no-one here with any such experience. Hence the
suggestions from this list are really much appreciated !

Many thanks,

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