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Bev Wellman and I are the newly appointed Book Review editors of _Social
Networks_, the journal.

Expanding our scope, we would like to commission reviews of all/much of
the social network software out there. Right now, we foresee two reviews:

1. Analytic software: UCInet, Negopy, Pajek, Jung, NetMiner, etc.
2. Network community stuff: Friendster, Spoke, Visible Path, etc.

Please write to us if you're willing, giving your experience and any
conflicts of interest.


  Barry Wellman         Professor of Sociology        NetLab Director
  wellman at

  Centre for Urban & Community Studies          University of Toronto
  455 Spadina Avenue    Toronto Canada M5S 2G8    fax:+1-416-978-7162
             To network is to live; to live is to network

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