*****  To join INSNA, visit  *****

1) Thanks to Guy Hagen, you can now find the INSNA web site at (The old address,, still works. In
fact, that's where you go when you try to access the new address.)

2) Have you moved?  Do you have a new postal address?  If the answer to
any of these questions is "yes" please go to the INSNA web site, click
on "Has your address changed?" and fill in the form. Every time I send
out a bunch of Connections issues, a stack of copies comes back with
markings that say "Undeliverable. Moved. No forwarding address." or "Not
at this address." or "Forwarding order expired." or "Moved, left no
address."  Please consider the possibility of letting us know when you
move. Go to the INSNA web site and click on "Has your address changed?"
in the upper left corner. Fill in the form. Click on Send.

3) Has your email address changed? If it has and you haven't told us,
messages that we send to you -- ones asking whether you have received
the Social Networks journal, for example, or  what your new postal
address is when Connections or Social Networks comes back to us as
described above -- are also returned with unfriendly statements like
"user unknown" or "no such local address".  In some of these cases,
since your postal address doesn't work and your telephone number (if you
provided one when with your INSNA membership) is also defunct, the only
way we can find you is to undertake a Google search, look for some
clues, write to your co-authors, phone some people who work at a place
you used to work at sometime in the past. Please give us a better chance
-- please let us know when you change your email address.

4) If you have a friend who is an INSNA member who has moved, please
send a short message with their name, their new email address, and their
new organizational affiliation to [log in to unmask] Be the first one to let
us know about someone who has gone AWON (away without notice) and win a
free beer at a the next Sunbelt conference.  ;-)


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