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Hi everyone,

Another little query about data entry - differences in respondent
assessments of interaction frequency.

I've got your standard communication matrix of approx 30 actors with the
option to indicate frequency of communication (several times daily,
Daily, weekly etc.).

What is the standard protocol when two participants differ on degree of
frequency ?  For example if actor A reports a weekly interaction with
actor B, but actor B reports "several times daily" with Actor A - what
do you do ?

One is tempted to "split the difference" but that doesn't seem to be
terribly scientific !  There's a couple of refs around that discuss the
issue of no interaction reported, vs. an interaction and the theoretical
decisions to be made in that case, but few that discuss frequencies -
any suggestions ?

Cheers, Glen.

Glen Murphy

PhD Candidate

School of Management

Queensland University of Technology

126 Margaret St

Brisbane 4001

Ph.     3314 8061

mob.    0403 001 623

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