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The JUNG (Java Universal Network/Graph) project is proud to announce the
release of JUNG 1.2--the free, programmable, extensible social network

We have a number of sample applets that run in your browser and show off
various features of the JUNG system at

(Check out, in particular, the "Bipartite Graph Applet"--it's a
visualization of Davis/Gardner/Gardner's Southern Women dataset.)

JUNG now features:

* File I/O support
     ascii matrices
     and some Pajek files
* More layout algorithms:
     an Eades-like spring embedder
     self-organizing maps
     directed acyclic graphs
* Built-in support for hypergraphs
* A graph event infrastructure can notify algorithms when the graph changes
* Random graph generation
     Lattice1D- and Lattice2DGenerator

We've also included a preview of an upcoming visualization toolkit that
answers a lot of past requests for features. Check it out in the
samples/ directory of the download.

JUNG is a free, open-source programming framework for implementing graph
and social network solutions in Java. It is intended for programmers who
are interested in being able to programatically manipulate graphs, by
iterating commands on them, dynamically modifying them, and visualizing
the results. While the JUNG framework provides many algorithms and tools
for graphs, it allows many other possible uses, and allows you to add
your own algorithms.

JUNG has been successfully used...
... to create visual applets
... to read data from JDBC (database) connections
... to handle social network datasets, including very large (100,000
plus nodes) ones
... to write out data that can be read by PAJEK and UCINET
... for stastical analyses, network measures, and visualizations

We invite you to try out JUNG, and to let us know whether you find it
helpful. We are also looking to expand our body of code and alogrithms,
and would be delighted to have your contributions.

Danyel Fisher
on behalf of the JUNG Development Team

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