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This should be of interest to social network people.
FOur books leaped into my mind and duly nominated (including, with my
usual immodesty, Wellman & Berkowitz).


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Subject: [oow-announce] Most Influentuial Books and OOW Newsletter

Dear OOW Members,
Happy New Year, OOW members from the OOW Newsletter Editorial Collective at the from the University of Oregon. We are planning to distribute the next OOW newsletter in May 2004 and invite members to send news and announcements that may be appropriate for the OOW newsletter. We are also requesting your list of

The Most Influential OOW Books
What books do you believe have most influenced the study of Organizations, Occupations, and Work? Please send book titles and authors to Leontina Hormel ([log in to unmask]). The Editorial Collective will compile the 50 books most often mentioned by members and report the results in the May OOW newsletter. (Note: You may wish to limit publications to years from 1945-1995, since it may be difficult to gauge how influential more recent texts. You can send as many or as few book titles as you wish.)

Please also send

        * Announcements of recent publications
        * Announcements of recent grant/fellowship awards
        * Newly-advertised grants/fellowships that are relevant to OOW
        * Book reviews (Faculty members - Please encourage your graduate students to               consider publishing a book review here.)
        * Ideas for scholarly commentary/debate for publication in the
        * Pithy quotes to share
        * and…..

We look forward to serving OOW members. Please feel free to contact us!
Yours Truly, the OOW Editorial Collective

Leontina Hormel, 541-686-4187, [log in to unmask]
Julie Cherney, 541-346-5066, [log in to unmask]
Chris Goff, 541-344-1348, [log in to unmask]
Yolanda Reyes, 541-346-0521, [log in to unmask]
Joel Schoening, 541-954-4680, [log in to unmask]
and faculty advisor: Patricia A. Gwartney, 541-346-5007, [log in to unmask]

Leontina Hormel, 541-686-4187, [log in to unmask]

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