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We would like to measure the strength of dyadic ties (concerning how
well people communicate face2face) in a number of small groups. However,
we have some concern on how the effect will be for the actors filling in
the questionnaire. Even though the set up will be so that people can
(and are asked to) fill in the questionnaire alone (web-based survey),
and the results will be anonymized before publication, we are afraid
that the very act of filling in the questionnaire will be a bad
experience for the actors, possibly biasing the result of the survey
(some people simply don't like admitting to themselves that there are
some people they don't rate so high), and having a negative effect on
the subsequent team work, (if people talk about how they have filled out
the questionnaires: who did you rate high, who did you rate low, etc.)

Do you have any ideas on how to cope with a problem like this?
Formulation of the question; the use of ranking (in order to "force"
people to discriminate between the relationships); other, not
selfreported, measurements for the strength of communication ties.

Regards from Denmark,
Peter Malling.

Peter Malling
MA Psychology and Computer Science
Research Fellow
Department of Organization and Management
Knowledge Management
University of Southern Denmark
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