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Dear Socnetters,

Hope you do not consider this too much of a newbe question.
I am trying to find a way (in UciNet or Pajek) to calculate a node's degree
centrality that distinguishes between ties within a division and between
divisions and companies. So say 'Mike' from the life sciences division
reports to have four friends in his own division, two in the micro biology
division and three in supplier "X". I could of course simply count, but that
seems a bit much for around 150-200 people. Is there a way to use a
attribute file to generate something like:

        Life sciences   Micro biology   Supplier X
Mike            4                       2                       3

Maybe with a extra column on the percentage of ties in each group etc. It
seems so extremely trivial that I cannot imagine that somebody has not done
this before me.

The other has to do with visualizing. How can I artificially cluster a group
of nodes on the basis of the division or company they are in (without
showing ties between people from similar divisions)? So that I get a network
picture where Mike and his four friends from Life sciences are grouped and
that his three supplier friends are grouped etc.

Thanks in advance for any help,

R.C. Kijkuit

Department of Technology and Innovation
Rotterdam School of Management/Faculteit Bedrijfskunde
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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