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I am having a hard time using the QAP Regression tool in UCINET. I know I
have to use a NxN matrix as the dependent variable and a NxN matrix as an
independent variable. I have 45x45 matrices. However, every time I try to
run the regression I get
the same error message: "Unable to open <independent variable file>.##h as
INPUT". It seems to be able to open the dependent variable file, but not the
independent variable one.

To get the matrices I want to use as independent variables, I have tried to
do the following:

- import data from a textpad file (DATA>IMPORT>RAW>) - I do have both the
input and the output files in the same directory
- import data from excel file (DATA>IMPORT>EXCEL>)
- copy data from the text or excel file, and paste it in UCINET's
spreadsheet editor. This worked once, and it runs the regression with this
particular file, but alas, not again... I tried to do the same copy/paste I
did that time with my other files, and it wouldn't work

I can open the data files as spreadsheets, I can display them, and, what is
really strange, I can even run QAP Correlation. But I cannot "convince" the
program to run the regression.

Any advice would be very, very welcome at this point.

Thank you

Miruna Petrescu-Prahova
Department of Sociology
University of California, Irvine
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