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Ah, but SPAMmers are getting smarter... just yesterday I received a
SPAM that was addressed to me, and appeared to be FROM me!  Of course is on my 'whitelist' at the ISP so they sent the SPAM
through as acceptable mail.  Luckliy my Mac OS X Mail client is smarter
and recognized "Via***" -- the little blue pill -- and dumped it in the
Junk mail folder where it belongs.  I have also received emails with as a spoofed address... so SOCNET can not be far


On Feb 13, 2004, at 12:01 PM, Maksim Tsvetovat wrote:

> Valdis wrote:
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>> My email SPAM filter spotted the word s** in your original email and
>> automatically sent it to the Junk folder.  I assume that other junk
> Most SPAM filters allow "whitelists" - i.e. people who never send junk.
> So, until spammers discover the SOCNET list, we can safely add it to
> the whitelist and not have to censor ourselves while trying to avoid
> being filtered.
> mAx

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