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I am preparing a paper for the next SUNBELT on 'Network Dependence of
Political Entrepreneurs' (abstract attached).  I employ literature from
political science and political economics but have so far
located no direct or in-direct references in SNA

Any suggestions?

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Network Dependence of Political Entrepreneurs

Comments most welcome

Dr Dimitrios C Christopoulos
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Economics and Social Science,
University of the West of England - Bristol,
Coldharbour Lane,
Bristol  BS16  1QY

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Political entrepreneurs are identified by personal resources of the
classical entrepreneurial type, i.e. intellectual ability, good knowledge
of their domain, team building skills, reputation, extensive networks,
strategic vision and tenacity.  They differ from classical expositions of
entrepreneurship in that there is no assumption of exceptional leadership
or indeed uniqueness of them as actors. This ‘non-uniqueness’ is
significant because it implies that the political entrepreneur type is more
condition dependent than classic assumptions of entrepreneurship imply.
Their personal and professional networks provide the context within which
they thrive.  Management of their network as a resource is vital to their
success.  Most significantly, as all entrepreneurial activity bears risks,
networks are employed to mitigate them. This in turn facilitates the
creation of coalition support mechanisms for innovative actors.
Entrepreneurial risk is therefore diminished to the degree actors can draw
support from their network. Accepting the premise that political
entrepreneurs are network dependent implies that their ability for
political action is network contingent as well.   I will examine here a
number of assumptions as they relate to the effectiveness of political
entrepreneurs as policy innovators.  I focus on assumptions of network
reach, centrality, Bonacich power and value concordance.

Dr Dimitrios C . Christopoulos

Senior Lecturer and Faculty Research Fellow
Faculty of Economics and Social Science
University of the West of England
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol  BS16  1 QY

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