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George Hammond
Skickat: den 19 februari 2004 21:43
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Ämne: ***SPAM*** [SOCNET] Open letter to 13 Jewish physicists

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Dear SOCNET readers:

This post is not "spam" or the work of a "crank".
This announcement is of singular importance
to the study of social theory.

  You may contact me at the following private
email address:

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Sincerely, George Hammond
Hyannis, February 19, 2004 _____________________________________________


             PROOF OF GOD

ATTN  The Honorable Mr. George W. Bush
     President of the United States
(c/o email submission form to the CIA at:

C/O   Professor Steven Weinberg
     Physics Dept. University of Texas


Steven Weinberg        email: U. Texas
Murray Gell-Mann       email:  Santa Fe Inst
Edward Witten          surface mail: IAS Princeton U
Jacob Bekenstein       email: Hebrew U
Alan Guth              email: MIT
Lee Smolin             email: Perimeter Inst
Sheldon Glashow        email: Harvard
Michael Green          email: Cambridge
Yakir Aharonov         email: Tel Aviv U
Richard Arnowitt       email: TAMU
Stanley Deser          email: Brandeis U
David Deutsch          email: Oxford
Sir M. V. Berry        surface mail: Bristol U

  The matter reported in this letter is widely
known.  A foundation paper was published in the
peer reviewed literature in 1994 and the latest
developments are in press.  It has been widely
discussed on the Internet for several years and
is known to hundreds of thousands of visitors to
my websites:
mirror site:

  I am a physicist, and have been discussing
the matter privately with Professor Christopher
Isham at Imperial College whom many of you
know personally.

  Unfortunately, I have concluded that those
discussions have very little possibility of a
favorable outcome, for political reasons.

  While the technical details are apparent
to any qualified physicist, and the result:


is certainly stunning, a scientific proof
of God has political and social overtones which
make the average scientist exceedingly
  To be frank, one has to recognize the
sheer incredulity that would be faced by
Professor Isham, or even Sir John Polkinghorne
should they be called upon to announce to the
world that "a scientific proof of God had been
discovered".  Their name would be Mudd
within a matter of days.  Their careers
would be ruined and they would be ridiculed
by every scoundrel in Christendom. Such a thing
is impossible politically.  They simply do not
have the social mandate to say such a thing
even if it were true.

  I have concluded then, that the first
official corroboration of this discovery is
more properly to come from a Jewish scientist.
Why?  The answer is obvious.  Historically
Israel was the first to discover God 3,500
years ago.  The most famous public notice
of the existence of God was made by an Israeli
Rabbi 2,004 years ago.
  I therefore conclude that the only scientist
who could openly corroborate such a discovery
today without becoming an object of ridicule,
would in fact be a prominent Jewish physicist.
There might be some public murmuring and a lot of
private discussion, but I think the public and
the scientific community would tend to simply
make a silent mental note of the event and
await further scientific confirmation. I don't
believe, after witnessing the Holocaust and WWII,
that the public would be inclined to support any
untoward activity as the result of a Jewish
scientist announcing that he thinks possibly that
a scientific proof of God has been found. Rather
I think that most people will suspect that the
inevitable has finally happened and remain calm.
In fact, I think that they will conclude that it
is yet another miracle associated with Israel,
which by the way, being based on Einstein's Theory,
it apparently is.

  Therefore, I am asking the scientists on this
list to privately look into this matter, as a
matter of great urgency to world peace and
human progress, and to arrive at some scientific
consensus within the Jewish religious community
as to what this is, and what it means.
  I don't expect anyone to reply to me, this is
more in the manner of an FYI communication.  But
I am hopeful, that somewhere, somehow, some Jewish
scientist will be instrumental one way or another,
in getting the news of this discovery to a long
suffering humanity, including the brave citizens
of the United States who are presently struggling
with an international religious problem involving
a serious military confrontation. Certainly,
considering the global challenges that face America
today, it is more than ever essential to our
security that we maintain the high moral ground in
the judgement of world opinion. If the Moslem
extremists should ever get wind of this discovery
before Christianity or Judiasm does, there would
be serious political and military ramifications for
our nations and our people.

Yours Sincerely,  George Hammond, M.S. Physics (1967)

mirror site:

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