To all HOSA members,

I have some bad news, but due to a make-up exam on Tuesday evening, I will be unable to attend our last dinner.  As the Hope Lodge liason and coordinator, I may end up having to cancel our final dinner.

To HOSA officers,

If any of you would still like to serve dinner and fill in my shoes, you're more than welcome to.  And if anyone, preferably with a Sam's card, would like to fetch the supplies, here's a list of the following:
--6-7 pounds spaghetti
--10 16-oz jars of spaghetti sauce ( plus 1 jar of alfredo sauce)
--3 lbs of ground beef
-- about 50 ice cream sandwiches or bars, or whatever.
You must be able to start cooking at 4:30 if you plan on taking my place.

If not, then I will call the Hope Lodge during the weekend to cancel our dinner.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  Next semester, I plan on having dinners with the Ronald McDonald house.

~~Anje Deocampo

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