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I'm trying to analyse a very large 2-mode network with pajek. The data is
basically about membership of communities of practice, of which I have some
330 communities and nearly 13,000 unique members. Members typically join
more than one community (anything from 1 to 30+). What I am hoping to
identify are how the core communities are related to each other (and
therefore reflecting the core interests in the company) and also which
members are closely related to each other based on common interest (and
perhaps suggesting that these individuals are structurally well placed to
act as knowledge brokers). I see this as a direct parallel to the
example used in the Pajek tutorials. Because of the large size I am
removing lines and vertices below a theshhold to arrive at the the high
value relations.

The problem I am having is that in doing the Net/transform/2-mode to
1-mode/rows and Net/transform/2-mode to 1-mode/Columns, the first one
working with the 330 communities works well and produces a valued network.
The second one has to work with the 13,000 ran for several
hours and produced a network with no lines! Has anyone had similar
problems? Are there other ways I could analyse the data say, by using

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