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I am gathering citations ties (author-cited author) within 5 journals between
a specific, bounded set of authors. The cited author's work does NOT need to
be within the 5 journals.

I am creating a table of citation ties (from which I will create an
edgelist).   I will also create an actor/author attribute table.

The issue is this:
Author A may cite Author B more than once -- if A has more than one article
that cites B, or if A cites more than one of B's articles.  Thus the list may
include multiple ties between actors.  I know how to do a tally (as a strength
of tie) for the number times A cites B, overall with all ties & journals

However, I want to be able to split the data during graphical analysis to
examine "from Journal 1 ties" or "to Journal 3 ties" or "between Journal 1 and 3"
etc.  In my table of citation ties, each row represents a tie and includes
author's journal as well as cited author's journal (range 1-5 for each journal
or 6 for "other journal").  I think what I need is a tie attribute matrix
(different level of analysis than the actor attributes).

Can this be done effectively by simply using the actors attributes
(combination of author journal and cited author journal)?

Can I have both a tie attribute matrix and an actor attribute matrix in the
same analysis, particularly for NetDraw or Pajek?

Any hints would be appreciated.

Julie M. Hite
Brigham Young University
Dept. of Educational Leadership and Foundations
Provo, UT 84602
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