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Dear Socnetters,

My department would like me to teach an introductory SNA course, and I am in the
process of putting together the syllabus. I would like to have the students do
a mini-report on "applications of social network analysis," and I have begun
developing a list of possible topics and readings. I was hoping you could offer
feedback on two levels: a) suggestions for readings in the topics I've
listed...readings appropriate for a novice audience, and b) other potentially
interesting areas that I have overlooked.

Again, it will be a novice audience and be taught in a Sociology department.

Here are the topics I have thus far:

1. Community
2. Social capital
3. Terrorism
4. Family
5. Religion
6. Diffusion
7. Social movements
8. Internet

I have begun gathering readings on these topics, but rather than list them here,
I would welcome hearing the SOCNET community's suggestions. PREFERABLY BOOKS,
but of course, article suggestions are welcome as well. I will share back with
the list once I have compiled all the suggestions.

Thanks much in advance for your time,

Christina Prell
Lecturer, Sociological Studies
University of Sheffield

Sociological Studies Department
Elmfield Building
Northumberland Road
S10 2TU Sheffield, UK

Phone: (0)114 222 6402
Email: [log in to unmask]

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