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>  “Reality Mining” the Organization
>  Who are the experts within your organization? Who has the most
> decision-making influence? Recently, managers have started mining data
> from e-mail, Web pages, and other digital media for clues that will
> help answer such questions. That’s a start, says MIT Media Lab
> researcher Alex Pentland, but it misses the real action: studies of
> office interactions indicate that as much as 80 percent of work time
> is spent in spoken conversation, and that critical pieces of
> information are transmitted by word of mouth in a serendipitous
> fashion. Fortunately, the data infrastructure for mining real-world
> interactions is already in place. Most working professionals already
> carry microphones (cell phones), and many also carry PDAs with ample
> computational horsepower. This foundation of mobile communications and
> processing power will support an exciting new suite of business
> applications: reality mining.

What's the next step, marketers tracking our out-of-office movements &
interactions?  i.e. "In order to 'qualify' for our low prices, you must
wear this device 24-7..."

BTW, is the 80% number above accurate?

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