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Please forgive me for posting this long list, but as the ethnographies are
filled with raw material for more formal network analysis, I thought more
than a few might be interested.


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Subject: TEXT format of Ethnographies of corps and orgs


I compiled it but do not know the worthiness of any citation. Please fell
free to distribute the info to anyone who might also be interested in it.

"Differentiation Perspective" in Peter Frost et al. eds. Reframing
Organizational Culture (Sage 1991, but there's also a second ed.)

"Sex and Death in the Rational World of Defense Intellectuals" Carol

Beamtimes and Lifetimes: The World of High Energy Physicists By Sharon
Traweek (1988)

Caring by the Hour - Karen Brodkin Sacks

Changing Work, Changing Workers - Glynda Hull

Designing Flexible Futures: Globalization, Technological Change, and
Institutional Conflict in the Los Angeles Public School System. Doctoral
Dissertation, Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute, Troy. Monahan, Torin. 2003.

Doctoral Thesis - Chandanna Mathur (New School, Anthro, 2003)

Engineering Culture: Control and Commitment in a High-Tech Corporation
Temple University Gideon Kunda

Flexible Space & Built Pedagogy: Emerging IT Embodiments. Inventio 4
(1). Available from
main.asp?pID=spring02&sID=monahan. Monahan, Torin. 2002.

Gerald DeMontigny's Social Working: An Ethnography of Front-line
Practice (University of Toronto press, 1995)

Kalman Applbaum has some articles about marketing agencies, one in AE

Launching Europe - Stacia Zabusky's (1995)

Making Time: Ethnographies of High-Technology Organizations (1988),
edited by Frank A. Dubinskas

Marketing and Modernity - Marianne Elisabeth Lien (1997)

Myths of Mondragon: Co-operatives, Politics, and Working-Class Life in a
Basque Town (SUNY 1996) - Sharryn Kasmir

Nuclear Rites - Hugh Gusterson

Performing the Pilgrims:  A Study in Ethnohistorical Role-Playing at
Plimoth Plantation.  Stephen Eddy Snow.  Jackson, Mississippi:
University Press of Mississippi, 1993

Rationalizing Culture: IRCAM, Boulez and the Institutionalization of the
Musical Avant-Garde (University of California Press 1995) Born,

Roger Janelli's book on a South Korean corporation

Structuring Diversity - some of the essays in
Lamphere's edited collection.

Talking About Machines - Julian Orr has a good book on photocopy

The Analog Divide: Technology Practices in Public Education. Computers &
Society 31 (3):22-31. Available from Monahan, Torin. 2001.

The Best of Anthropology Today, ed. Jonathan Benthall (London:
Routledge, 2002): 1. Analyses of gender imagery in shiplaunchings of the
Royal Navy (Silvia Rodgers)
2. Construction of liminal roles in Illinois prisons (John Coggeshall)
3. Rites of passage at a US military college (Abigail Adams)

The Cultural Crisis of the Firm. Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Publishers.
Schoenberger, Erica J. (1997)

The New History in an Old Museum:  Creating the Past at Colonial
Williamsburg.  Richard Handler and Eric Gable.  Durham, NH:  Duke
University Press,1997

The New Schoolhouse: Literacy, Managers and Belief. Boyle, Mary Ellen

the work of Dorothy Smith

Tribes on the Hill: The United States Congress - Rituals and Realities
By Jack M. Weatherford

The politicization of 'culture" by Susan Wright

Two dissertations in Spanish:  1.  "Parentesco, linajes familiares y
vida empresarial de la minoria nacional judeo mexicana" by Linda Hanono
of Escuela Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, Mexico.  2.  "Los
ejecutivos de nivel medio:  Intermediarios de la globalizacion.  Un
analisis de la adaptacion de equipos de produccion en una empresa global
en Mexico." by Betzab Xicotoncatl  2004.  Universidad Iberoamericana,

Batteau, Allen 2001.  Negations and Ambiguities in the Cultures of
Organizations.  American Anthropologist 102(4) 726-740.

Batteau, Allen 2001.  Negations and Ambiguities in the Cultures of
Organizations.  American Anthropologist 102(4) 726-740.

Flamant, Nicolas.  2002 Une anthropologie des managers.  Paris.  Presses
Universitaires de France.

Gellner, David and Eric Hirsch.  2001.  Inside organizations.
Anthropologists at Work.  New York:  Berg.

Hamada, Tomoko.  1991.  American enterprise in Japan.  Albany:  SUNY

Kunda, Gideon. 1992.  Engineering Culture.  Control and Commitment in a
High-Tech Corporation.  Philadelphia.  Temple U. Press.

Rhodes, Lorna.  1991.  Emptying Beds:  The work of an emergency
psychiatric unit.  Berkeley:  U of California Press.

Perez Lizaur, Marisol.  1996  Doctoral thesis:  “El empresario, la
tecnologia y el poder.  Dos empresas en un momento de cambio
structural.  Sao Paulo:  CYTED.  Subprograma XI.  Cadernos de Cestao
Tecnológica No. 28.

Perez Lizaur, Marisol.  MA thesis.  “El empresario, la tecnología y el
poder.  Dos casos de la industria química.”  Mexico:  Universidad

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