HPL is Coming to an Outlet Near You!
Richy Russo (KB2CPW) on May 11, 2004
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Hi Rich here,

I've come up with a real neat idea but I am relying on the fine members of
eHam to produce the hardware (since I am too stupid to do that myself.)
Anyway, I would like to create an interface that will allow the transmission
of amateur RF over power lines, hence "HPL technology" obviously meaning
 >>>Hamming over power lines<<< :-p

Just think, no limits to the amount of power you could run (with a proper RF
to AC mains interface) and since it's on a closed system, there may not be
any rules regarding mode or band!!! Think of the pileups you will break
running that old 8 foot tall Collins military 20-KW amp into your fuse box
for an added kick!

As we know, power lines can carry a signal quite far and since its a "closed
system" and the power people already >>>>worked out the bugs<<<< And I am
SURE they wont mind sharing the technology with us hams.

Ham Heaven!!! No lousy covenants, silly antenna restrictions, unsightly
towers or a homeowners association to deal with. No smelly coax or cables to
be run around the house. The wife will be thrilled with this exciting new
way of hamming! In fact, it gives grid squares and phased antennas a whole
new meaning…

The beauty of this is that the power companies admitted that the system is
flawless, the FCC's distinguished Mr. Powell (a well known engineer for many
years and electronics inventor BTW, I forget his call sign... Please remind
me…) agrees with them 100 percent and hams are assured and should not fear
any problems with the up and coming BPL system.

In short this means >>>>no interference<<<< on our precious ham bands!!!

For those fuddy duddies not willing to move into the 21st century of ham
radio, you will still have the old way of operation available to you. But
this is just the boost Amateur radio needed, new technology and more
spectrum thru our AC outlets. We can now combine our HF gear with our
computers so we can work that net and log 'em at the same time. Want to go
portable, just find an outlet somewhere and set up shop…

I sure hope that W4RT, MFJ and some of the other manufacturers can supply an
interface allowing us to spread our amateur good will thru the walls of

I hope to hear you soon on HPL...

73 and 60hz to you and your families…

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