Hey all,

This is a final reminder that we have an antenna party scheduled for
this Saturday 5/22 starting around 9am and going till we wanna quit :-)

For those of you that are new to the listserv or the club, you can get
directions to the club station from the website (look under 'virtual
tour' on

Note: the first picture on the virtual tour is looking eastward towards
shands (aka the camera is west of the shands complex looking east over
center drive)... The rest is decently self explanatory... park in the
parking garage just west of center drive (the entrance to the parking
garage that we use is accessed by going up the ramp on the north side
of the parking garage... as shown)... then walk across center drive and
enter into the dental science building (the west entrance)... then head
to the elevators up to the 11th floor... find the GARC radio shack (on
your right after heading down the main corridor....

Thats about it...

As an added bonus... if you come saturday, you will know exactly where
to come to the monthly meeting on Tuesday - June 1st - 7pm :-)


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