Monday May 10, 2004      3pm to 8pm

            Additional operators needed for the Alachua County EOC to assist with communications link.

            Operators will relay information between the exercise operations in Ocala (using the 146.820 repeater), and the 145.370 Crown District repeater (Jacksonville through the link in Palatka).  Also provide information to Emergency Management.


Tuesday May 11, 2004     8am to 12 noon

            Additional operators needed for the Alachua County EOC to assist with Emergency Management Communications.  

            Operators will provide communications link between exercise sites in both Alachua and Marion Counties (using the 146.910, 146.985 and 146.820 repeaters), provide simplex communications over the 146.520 and 147.520 simplex frequencies as well as relay through the 145.370 repeater to Jacksonville.  Operators may also use the 7.7235 MHz HF frequency if they have HF privileges.   The 800 MHz radio may also be used during this exercise.  This will be determined by Emergency Management and/or Randy Kerr or Keith Godwin of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.


Other stations are welcome to check into these nets as other operators may be needed if additional exercise “sites” are created during the exercise.   There are presently 3 sites in the Alachua/Marion County areas.    On Monday, one site in Ocala….. and on Tuesday, one site in Ocala and one in Newberry.   Communicators on Tuesday will be providing primary communications from the Alachua County Sheriff Command Post (operators are already assigned for this unit) for Emergency Management and provide information from other sites that may be created during the exercise.   


If anyone is interested in participating in this exercise, please contact me for detailed information and the necessary entry badge (no one may enter the exercise areas without this badge!).


Presently, these are the assigned operators for the exercise:


Monday May 10……

            KC4MHH, Jim Carr ………  Marion County Exercise Site

            KD4QHY, Penny Carr

            KG4WKV, Van Wheelock




James Carr, KC4MHH

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