Developmental math students have frequently acquired an approach to
mathematics that is counter-productive to their learning.  A major effort of
any tutoring program should be to correct this approach.  I refer to the
fact that students with histories of difficulties in the subject often
believe each skill in mathematics is discrete (separate from all others).
Such students seek to learn each new topic in isolation without making any
connection to what is already known.  They come to Learning Centers
requesting (demanding) a quick fix (less instruction than normally is given
for a topic) and the temptation is to provide band-aid solutions that (1)
get the student through some immediate challenge, and (2) are soon

These remarks are a preamble to an offer, free to any Learning Center, of an
online program that addresses both the immediate needs of such students and
the more serious underlying problem.  Each lesson includes (1) a review of
the prior knowledge needed for its topic, (2) complete explanations of the
topic, (3) a full range of examples, (4) guided drill/practice, and (5) a
short self-test.  The time required for a lesson varies from 20 to 45
minutes.  A student using the program can do it independently, but probably
will feel more comfortable if a tutor is somewhere near.  Definitely, a
tutor could put a student on the program and then be relatively free to take
care of other student requests.

If you are interested in reviewing this extensive program (about 80 lessons
for Beginning Algebra) call 1 (800) 366-4079 for access information.

It is my hope that this material will be helpful to your tutoring program.

Bob Hackworth
H&H Publishing Co.

P.S.  To those leery of free offers, this is not a scam.  We have, for the
past two years, offered a free online arithmetic course which has been both
personally and professionally satisfying.

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