Hi Foster et al.,
We began the process of "intake" for using volunteer tutors during the
past fall quarter. Our HR department was concerned that we would take a
job away from someone on campus (we use PEER TUTORS), our education
department wanted to be sure they were adequately trained (Well DUH! all
tutors are trained under CRLA certification program standards), our
Faculty Association didn't want retired public school teachers because
they were not current on material (did Math change THAT much in adding
2+2?), and our legal counsel wanted to ensure that we weren't libel for
accidents on campus (I'm not EVEN going there).  So with all of this red
tape, it was easier for us to make sure that all of our student workers
completed the FAFSA and hired the vast majority of tutors from those
with need, but paid numerous that could do the higher mathematics from
the budget.  Now with all of the budget crises in states we are asked to
cut back so I'm trying it again for the summer quarter.  I hope my
rantings help someone! David
David Reedy, Director
The Learning Center at Rhodes State College
4240 Campus Drive
Lima, OH 45804
419 995-8049

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