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they were covered a short while back at slashdot - - "AIM meets Social
Network Theory"

note - they already have a dbase of over 8Million unique usernames!

they pitch this as a popularity test type of site for teens - which is huge
and draws young teens, not grownups - and they are culling reams of data
from AIM users - BUT they fail to make any sort of clear statement
regarding COPPA compliance (children's online privacy and protection act,
which only applies currently to USA users) and they are capturing it all on
the back end for dynamic network visualization and cluster analysis

any thoughts? i'd love to send these folks a message and explain exactly
how and why they are socially dangerous to teens (a core of AIM usership),
but would need some serious help with the SNA type language required to
support such a statement. the founder is a caltech student, and i'm certain
that he is not doing this with any poor intent, but also seems to disregard
the fact that the site utility for 'coolness' belies its great potential
for harm and invasion of privacy

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