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I have 6 months of daily interaction data for approximately 300 people.  I
also have attribute data on the people.  I want to 'animate' this network,
showing how the network changes on a daily basis.  I know of Netdraw, Pajek,
and Sonia but am not sure which would be best for this application.  Does
anyone know of a paper that compares the capabilities, advantages and
disadvantages of the different software? Or does anyone have an opinion?

I also want to be able to analyze the networks over time.  I don't believe
UCInet has this capability.  I am starting to look at StocNet; would Siena
be the best software for this dynamic modeling?  Again, does anyone know of
a paper that compares the different software?  Or have an opinion?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Joan Allatta
Doctoral Candidate
The Wharton School

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