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Yesim Sungu wrote:

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>As I read more about the social networks analysis, more questions arise
>about the egocentric vs. sociometric studies.
>I appreciate if you could help me with some of the questions I have.
>I have a egocentric data set which I collected by using a
>semi-structured interview with firms in two regions. My goal is   to
>explore the extent and nature of the technological innovation networks
>in two regions.
>1. In one region I have 22 firms (%50 of total identified firms) and in
>other I have 67 firms (%70 of total). Is a sample size of 22 firms a
>problem for egocentric studies?
These response rates may be a bit low, but it depends on which 50% and
67% you reached and what you intend to do with the data.

>2. I was able to collect information  only on alter and ego properties,
>ego-alter relations and their properties.
>Unfortunately I couldn't collect reliable info on alter-alter relations.
>Is it okay to have only ego-alter relations for egocentric studies?
That's OK, most ego-centric and sociometric studies do not collect data
on alter-alter relations.

>3. I appreciate if you could suggest me any egocentric studies from
>which I can get a better idea of usage of network measures.
I will send some papers in a separate email.  Presumably you've talked
to Pat Doriean at U. Pitt..

- Tom V.

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