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Dear SOCNETers,

although there are some dispersed European initiatives,
like the recently launched Polish service or former Hungarian
project, the 6 degree Web services are the American specialite de la maison.
The result is that those not speaking English are excluded from these
services and especially in Europe such transnational service would be
Therefore I would like to ask who of you would be interested in
participation in the group which would prepare a multilingual, pan-European
non-profit, not-charged service like Friendster or perhaps Orkut. The idea
is not only to provide Web service but also to create a tool which would be
a SNA tool for researchers.
This message is just to estimate interest in such an initiative, please
don't expect any details at the current stage.
Those of you who would like to participate in the project as individuals
please click the link below:
mailto:[log in to unmask]
and send.
Those of you who think their institution (university, company) might
participate in the consortium (this entails no obligation) please click
mailto:[log in to unmask]:
type in the name of the institution after the semicolon and send.
I will post the results of the survey to the list.

Best regards,
Piotr Wiench

Department of Sociology
Warsaw Agricultural University

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