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Thanks to everybody who has responded. Special thanks to Lada Adamic,
Mariano Belinky, Irene Berkowitz, Ron Burt, Kathleen Carley, Roberto
Dandi, Danyel Fisher, Jon Froehlich, James Howison and Robin Teigland.

The list below includes only works making use or referring to social
network analysis.


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Works on F/OSS and Social Network Analysis

Crowston, K., & Howison, J. (2003). The social structure of Open Source
Software development teams. Submitted for presentation at the "2003
International Conference on Information Systems."

Ducheneaut, N. (n.d.). The reproduction of open source software
communities. Ph.D. work at Berkeley.

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complex social system: A case study.

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vol. 5, no. 3 (March 2000).

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(2004). Applying social network analysis to the information in CVS

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quantitative investigation. In S. Koch (ed.), Free/Open Source Software
Development. Idea Publishing.

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Open Source Software development: Apache and Mozilla.

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function, and evolvability of software collaboration graphs.

O˘Mahony, S., & Ferraro, F. (2003). Managing the boundary of an ˇopen˘
project. Prepared for the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) Workshop on .The
Network Construction of Markets..

te Meerman, S. (2003). Puzzling with a top-down blueprint and a bottom-up
network: An explorative analysis of the Open Source world using ITIL and
Social Network Analysis. MS Thesis, University of Groningen, the

Waguespack, D.M., & Fleming, L. (2004). Penguins, camels, and other birds
of a feather: The emergence of leaders in open innovation communities.

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Examining social structure in an electronic network of practice. 23rd
International Conference on Information Systems.

Xu, J., & Madey, G. (2004). Exploration of the Open Source Software
community. NAACSOS Conference 2004.

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