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Dear SOCNETers,

I developed an online survey system oriented towards the collection of
social network data.  You can see demos here:

This survey system is very flexible, and provides a wide range of
customization options.  Features include check-box rosters, sliders for
responses on a Likert-like scale, and allowing the respondent to enter text
comments about other people.  Many features were specifically designed to
facilitate the collection of social network data.  The survey design is done
entirely online, via a web-based interface.

The survey flow for a given respondent is fixed.  Instead, an approach to
logical rules was designed specifically for social network surveys.
Sub-sets of people for follow-up questions can be automatically selected
based on the respondent's previous answers (e.g., ask about closeness of
friendship in one page, and then pick the closest friends for more detailed
questions in the next page).

For now, it only works with pre-defined lists of people.  We will continue
adding features over time, comments and wish-lists are most welcome.

For academic use, I'm making it available on a variable-costs-only basis
(the programmer's time to set up a copy of the system, and the cost of
whatever hosting and system administration you need; it's linux + apache +
php + mysql, so zero license fees to pay).

Consultants doing organizational or HR work may also find this survey system
very useful (you can integrate job satisfaction, performance appraisal, and
network surveys in a single system - and we're also developing reporting

Again, the link for the demos is:



Miguel S. Lobo
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Email: [log in to unmask]

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