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Gavin, there is a yahoo group for topics related to GSEQ software and sequential analysis in general:

Here is the description:

GSEQ is a general purpose software for analyzing sequences of interactive behavior, developed by Roger Bakeman (Georgia State University, US) and VicenÁ Quera (University of Barcelona, Spain), with help from Germano Rossi (University of Milano, Italy).

GSEQ webpages:

Gavin Hougham <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
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Does anyone know of a listserve or other online resource to bring together
the nascent sequence analysis "community" (a la Abbott, Dijkstra, Elzinga,
Stovel, et al)?



Marius I. Benta, PhD student
Sociology Department, Safari, O'Donovan's Rd.,
University College, Cork, Ireland.
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