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hello folks,
i hope that you're all enjoying your summer. i was hoping to solicit
feedback from any of you with FREE time regarding a relaunched community
site (all free) that i've put up again this month with the help of some
outstanding designers and developers (it's all about losing money, just
like a real dotcom ;)

no, this is not a shameless promo, and i apologize in advance to *anybody*
who sees it as such.

in particular, i'm gathering a comprehensive listing of SNA related sites
and resources within an easy searchable web directory (because nobody else
has done it yet!!!). it's taken a lotta time to pull all of these together
to date, though it's far from complete..and i've still gotta work to
actually make a living (kids cost a lot, i had no idea! can't they just
play with dirt and sticks like i did?)

the SNA links are all gathered at:

however, what i'm trying to find out from the experts is how to make this
more useful. specifically, what other top level cats and sub-cats should
exist to house these links? for example, would you prefer to see a separate
category for just links to 'peer reviewed' papers/articles, and another for
'other published works' ? should 'free sna related sw' be separated from
'for money' - or enterprise from individual? (links allow for reviews and
ratings, so stratification will help in this regard)

all feedback welcome. thanks in advance. the site is, always has been, and
always will be completely free (since 99)

David Carpe, Principal & Founder
Clew, LLC
E: [log in to unmask]
W: 781.674.2539
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