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i run a free research community site with a very robust forum application,
if people are interested, i'd be more than happy to set up a forum for
"Social Networking Analysis" ... the way the forums work is that if you
don't wanna have to log in all the time, you can simply watch the forum and
get an email notification for new posts, replies, etc...the link directory
at the main site can house sna related links and resources (already has
about 100ish)...i'm joining INSNA officially (already mailed my check and
form off this weekend) and would certainly be interested in doing this as a
donation of sorts, all thoughts welcome regarding how to structure it.

forums are up at: if you'd like to see
what's already there (the "Research Mechanics" might be equally relevant,
but it would be difficult to tease out SNA specific posts, particularly
where the line of questioning has nothing to do with 'mechanics' at all...)

WIKIS: the problem with a wiki is the ability to generate havoc - few work
as well as ..most become a nightmare due to the lack of
registration, though perhaps one could simply be posted as a read only or
somehow incorporate a searchable archive of this listserv? not sure, would
need some way to parse out links and so on...personally, i prefer forums
for this type of thing because the archive and search lends itself to
ongoing discussion (as in, 'already talked about it, click here' versus
'already talked about it, give me a day to find the email')

just my two cents. was actually discussing a nearly identical issue with
some OSINT researchers who asked me about an OSINT only forum (osint as in
'open source intelligence' not to be confused with 'open source' software),
one major university attempted to do it, but their webmaster left and he
and i go back quite a bit, so he asked about simply hosting the forum
versus letting it die on the vine...only issue with that one is that some
of the OSINT topics really spook people out...

At 04:00 PM 7/26/2004, elijah wright wrote:
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> > Every once in a while, i see folks announce visualizations packages or
> > ask about them.  I know that there's the archive but before i start
> > scouring that, is there a webpage that lists all of the visualization
> > packages that folks like?
>try this page:
>and this one:
>neither page has a link to prefuse yet, though the second one links to
>, which *does* link to prefuse :)
> > [Given the frequency of certain questions and the regular list of
> > references sent out, it really seems that there should be a Wiki for
> > this list.  Does anyone have that set up anywhere?]
>haven't seen one, but it sounds like a pretty good idea.
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