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okay, just a thought here, maybe we should start with a quick discussion
about what people want in this resource and then work backwards to select
the best resource - because maybe a 'wiki' isn't the best thing (?).

to start this discussion (if people are interested), let's say that what
would be most useful (based on feedback, current activity and ongoing bits)
will include:

1) calendaring: related to events and meeting coordination, etc

2) resource library: will need to capture articles, links, resources etc

3) profiles: member guide (if desired) with links to personal pages, blogs,

4) discussion: maybe some kind of forum utility to post questions? email
(while recorded) is often ephemeral - people on this list generate amazing
replies and then they vanish into a not-easily-searchable archive - if
questions were posted into a forum, then they could be searched much more
easily, and linked  directly to resources

5) admin control: ability to hand off some or most admin and moderation to
INSNA to police this
**note: if done well, this kind of resource could drive membership quite
well, and so might be worth putting some serious thought into, could in
fact become the foundation for a new insna site of sorts

RESOURCES: all of this can be hand for free, and set up quite simply: a
standard blog app (i *Love* wordpress at could handle all
news and many links as well as links to all personal pages and blogs via a
blogroll, etc and a forum app like phpbb (also love this app) at
could handle all forums - both offer robust administrative capabilites, and
both are free (open source) and will cost very little to set up and

as for meetings, best thing that comes to mind is also free, called meetup

however, this assumes that a 'wiki' won't get it done...

anything else jump to mind? thoughts? opinions?

At 02:44 AM 7/29/2004, Darrell Berry wrote:
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>This is rapidly going offtopic, but my 2c worth: socialtext may well be
>robust, honourable etc, but I would recommend caution with any hosted
>service which doesn't provide an easy, straightforward way of creating
>local backups -- its simply best practice. The last thing you want if
>they go bust/change their business model (anyone else here get burnt
>with hosted services around 1999?) etc is a long wrangle about who
>'owns' 'your' data!
>elijah wright wrote:
>>>It is possible to scrape the site, as they are simple HTML webpages, but
>>>i have not done this with any of my other Wikis because i'm confident in
>>>the state of Socialtext.
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