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Dear List members,

We want to inform you that version 2.0 of AutoMap is now available through
AutoMap is a software for Network Text Analysis. It supports the extraction
and analysis of:

  1. The structure of social and organizational systems from texts.
  2. Individual and team mental models.

AutoMap supports fully automated data pre-processing techniques such as
Stemming, Named Entity Recognition and Concept Deletion as well as
computer-assisted pre-processing of textual data such thesaurus application.

Networks extracted with AutoMap can be represented in .csv, DyNetML and DL
for UCINET format.

AutoMap supports the computation of social network analytic measures for
nodes and graphs.

Multiple networks extracted with AutoMap can be compared using the map
comparison and node and edge distribution techniques.

AutoMap2.0 has an easy to use Java interface, and it uses Java back-end.

The installer for AutoMap2.0 for Windows and the user's guide can be
accessed and
downloaded from
The user's guide includes examples for all AutoMap2.0 functionalities
and sample data.

For publications about AutoMap log on to

We also provide an online discussion forum for
AutoMap. URL:
The purpose of this forum is to:
- Discuss questions related to the AutoMap software.
- Get help from other AutoMap users and the developers of the software with
using the tool.

For bug reports, questions, and more information please contact
Jana Diesner, [log in to unmask]


The Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems,
Carnegie Mellon University.  CASOS
brings together social networks, computer science and the study of
complex socio-technical systems.
Director:  Kathleen M. Carley


Jana Diesner
Carnegie Mellon University
School of Computer Science
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Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems
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