Here in the SE we pay less for actual tutoring (and we get less as
salaries, alas!)
$5.75 to start; $.20 raise each year.

This year we're paying tutor peer leaders (3 out of the 30 total) $7.25
for their tutoring hours (6/wk.) and other mentoring time, f2f and online.

We don't pay for training b/c we have credit-bearing courses.  We also
are appointment-based, so we don't have much "indirect" pay for tutors
if they have no clients, though we do allow some, if it's related to
their tutoring.


Suzanne Robertshaw, tutor coordinator, [log in to unmask]
Thomas P. Johnson Student Resource Center, Rollins College
1000 Holt Ave. 2613, Winter Park, FL  32792  USA  tel. (407) 646-2652
Tutoring at TJ's web site:
Quote of the moment: (Thanks to Jennifer Wright, UCF tutor coordinator, SARC)
 "This is a learning center, not the Magic Kingdom.  That's down the road..."

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