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From: McAdam, Pilar C
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 8:52 AM
To: (Redacted by Lorinda)
Subject: New "Useful Links" function on GLA-ARMA website


When the ARMA International website was recently redesigned, they
eliminated their 'Useful Links' page.  When I complained to them about
it, they sent me a copy of the links, but said it had been the least
visited page on their site, and so they decided that it had to go.

Because I believe it's a really important service to offer to members, I
asked our webmaster to create a 'Useful Links' page on our chapter's
website, and sent him the links that I'd gotten from HQ.  The new
function became active yesterday (8/10/04).  (He tested the links, and
eliminated a couple that were no longer active; the rest should work.)
(link added by Lorinda)

If you're aware of any other RIM-related links, particularly in southern
California, that you'd like added to this page, please send them to me.


Pilar McAdam, Immediate Past President/Adviser
Greater Los Angeles ARMA
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