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   Bernie Margolis. BPL. Other cities' public libs. (Score:0)
   by donwarnersaklad (44) <[log in to unmask]> on Wednesday
   August 18, @03:35AM (#9962)
   ( | Last Journal:
   Friday July 16, @08:20AM )

   Bernie Margolis should be nominated even though our Boston Public
   Library president failed to collect, acquisition and accession
   Boston city hall departments municipal public documents of current
   interest and failed to advocate for a the mayoral directive and the
   city council order for more routine transmittal of city
   departments public documents to our boston public library
   government documents curator G. Fithian.

   Bernie Margolis should be nominated even though our Boston Public
   Library departments collections and services are difficult to

   Bernie Margolis should be nominated for advocating in the media for
   intellectual freedom with respect to the consequences of
   legislative activity in congress, an enormously important thing
   that serves the best interests of our cities' public libraries
   users/customers/consumers .

   Now like all good things there will be more to be done by Bernie
   Margolis regarding municipal departments public documents, grey
   literature quod vide []

   And the predicament of transmittal to, collecting by, acquisition
   of and accession for our cities' municipal departments public
   documents by the our respective cities' public libraries needs to
   be looked at by information professionals, archivists, records
   managers and librarians quod vide

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   This is not Librarian Survivor.... (Score:3, Funny)
   by kmhess (2858) on Tuesday August 17, @10:06AM (#9951)
   ( Last Journal: Tuesday August 10, @09:21PM )

   Please limit your answers to no more than 250 words per question.
   Do not send supplementary items such as videotapes, etc.

   I'm curious what etc. would be - a song? A painting? A BMW?

   Apparently this has been a problem in the past...

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   Re:This is not Librarian Survivor.... (Score:3, Funny)
   by Porch Geese (2869) on Tuesday August 17, @03:41PM (#9953)

   I dunno.

   Box of chocolates? Broadway show tickets? Cash?
   Or like the Car Talk guys say, your answers printed on the back of
   a large-screen projection TV?

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   N.Y. Times Seeks Nominations for Librarian of the Year -

   posted by Rochelle on Tuesday August 17, @08:19AM -132 hits
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   from the pick-me-pick-me dept.

   Announcements sends "us the following announcement:

     The New York Times Librarian Awards is a national program,
     honoring 27 public librarians from across the country each year.

     As we did last year, we will again recognize 12 public
     librarians from across the nation and 15 librarians from New
     York State, New Jersey and Connecticut, the early home of the
     Librarian Awards.

     Eligible nominees include any librarian currently working in a
     public library in the United States. Nominators are encouraged
     to nominate librarians who consistently demonstrate the highest
     levels of professionalism, knowledge and public service in the
     execution of their duties.

     Winners will be announced in The Times in December and will each
     receive $2,500 and a commemorative plaque.

     When nominating librarians, individuals must consider the
     following criteria:
     . Quality of the service the nominee has provided to the public

     . Knowledge of the library and its resources demonstrated by the
     . Commitment shown by the nominee to helping the public

     A committee of high-ranking library professionals is responsible
     for reviewing nominations and choosing the winners.

     In 2003, as the awards become a national program, we received
     nearly 2,000 nominations from 46 states, including Alaska and

     Many in the public library community have applauded the awards
     program including the American Library Association and Library
     Journal which stated "In singling out these... librarians, the
     Times honors all... librarians.

     It is a program worth emulating."


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