>You are going to cringe at this statement, but if I told my boss that a
>records inventory needed to be done before the retention schedule was
>researched and written I would get laughed at.  I'm trying to educate him
>on records management but he still has a long way to go.  At least upper
>management finally realizes that our existing retention schedule is a joke
>and can get us in more trouble than it can prevent.

Relaxing from my cringed state...  =)

Actually, you may want to consider printing a number of (if not all of) the
responses to your request and give your boss a feel for the drastic
differences in opinions regarding the retention, and the citations
supporting many of the comments made to give him/her some appreciation of
the level of effort that would go into developing a properly supported
retention schedule.  If you have a corporate counsel or other legal
support, you may want to have them write an opinion on the value of a
properly researched and supportable retention schedule and what it can mean
to an organization in the event of a legal action... the cost of discovery
can be astronomical, but not as devastating as finding things that should
have been discarded and can be harmful to the organization.

Penny wise, not pound foolish...


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