I know I've replied to you on the RMAA listserv for Australian
institutions but there may be other Listservers interested, and if you are
talking 'distance' then location is immaterial (and see for even more philosophical reasons why your search should extend beyond
Nth America). I've been lecturing in a web-based distance ed course (now
sadly winding down) and been delighted to have students from Nth America,
Indonesia, Portugal, Greece, New Zealand and even Perth (Western
Australia), which is further away from me than New Zealand.

So here is the info again:

The RMAA web site is the place to start:

There are other Australian universities which cross over from
librarianship into the RM area but most are much more archives than RM,
and not many are available by distance ed. Have a look at Amanda Cossham's
article (on the RMAA site too). Below the university level the TAFE system
offers national competency-based RM training, many TAFE colleges offer
this by distance education.

Also on the RMAA site is a link to the International Council on Archives
Section for Archival Education and Training (2002) Directory of Archival
Education and Training Institutions.



Glenn Sanders MRMA
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