I am in need of advice for managing access to
submission and retrieval of record groups for
respective end users.  The company for which I work
has recently contracted with a vendor to create
software for a records management system that remote
users will access to submit their records to storage,
as well as retrieve those items.  In terms of granting
access to end users from specific departments, it will
grant/restrict access for respective series mapped to
that individualís department.

Any advice for how to manage users who have crossover
between departments, as well as functions, for
submission and use of records?  In the same token,
with trying to maintain privacy, security, and
confidentiality?  An employee stated a concern about
another individual (who has a great deal of crossover
amongst depts.) that he may want to let him view
certain records within a series, but not all materials
within that same group.

Your assistance is appreciated.

A. Miles

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