>>I frequently wonder why saving records is often considered only a legal
liability and not a legal safeguard.<<

> Making decisions based on the possibility of a one time occurrence (read
> Pinto gas tank design or Santa Fe property) is wrong.  Instead, retention
> decisions need to be made based on the evaluation of all of the factors
> relate to the retention of the series of records.

Absolutely!  I agree completely, as my previous posts pointed out. All four
(or five) values must be considered and applied. However, all too often we
see posts to the listserve where there is an attempt to justify setting
retention based on records being legal liabilities.  I think this is a
skewed attitude.  Records can also be legal safeguards.  They don't always
work against the organization.  Sometimes they can work for the
organization.  The approach to records retention should not be "get rid of
them before they get us in trouble."  It should be based on thorough and
precise analysis of the four (or five) values we have discussed, including
legal limitations of actions on records that can protect and work FOR the

Ginny Jones
(Virginia A. Jones, CRM)
Records Manager
Information Technology Division
Newport News Dept. of Public Utilities
Newport News, VA
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