I've been somewhat involved with the General Counsel Roundtable for the
past year.  Our Legal  Counsel asked me to complete and submit a survey
last year, and I've been interviewed by one of their researchers 2 or 3
times this year.

Last year I was invited to a teleconference as a followup to the
survey, but it was during the Boston Conference and it wasn't convenient
for me to participate.  This year they scheduled a meeting (in Chicago I
think) that is also during the ARMA conference so I sent them a message
to suggest that they not schedule during the ARMA conferences if they
want Records Management participation.  The response I received was that
the ARMA conference had not been scheduled when they scheduled their
meeting - which of course I don't think is likely because the ARMA
conferences are scheduled several years in advance.  Anyway, I think the
response came from someone who simply didn't know the facts.

I'm glad to hear that we are developing a partnership with the General
Counsel Roundtable, because they seem to have the attention of the Legal
departments.  I think it would be useful to compare the various surveys
that are being done because each group has a slightly different
audience.  This comparison could give us a reasonable baseline from
which to develop our programs.  And, maybe ARMA would not have to
concentrate or pay for surveys if we develop a strong working
relationship with those whose primary function is research.
Thanks Mary

God Bless America
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