Hi all

I have been asked for a "standard cost-benefit analysis" for the position of
a records manager, so that a case can be made for hiring one. The
organisation in question is a bank, implementing a records management system
for the first time. It has been recommended (by us) that they hire a records
manager (and not a file clerk!)

I have searched a number of lists' archives, the web (using Vivisimo and
Google), and published articles, but can't get my hands on something. I
suspect that there IS nothing (and cost-benefit analyses of records
management per se are either so specific they are no use, or are

I need something which goes beyond a CBA for records management in itself
(they've accepted that they need it) and which focuses on the need for an
individual to run the system. Currently my arguments focus round it being a
system, and that systems don't self-replicate, self-correct and develop
themselves (and so on). I can write at length, but I suspect they'd like
"industry-wide and accepted best practice for having a records manager" (if
there is such a thing, which I have to say I doubt)

Any thoughts, or any useful directions would be gratefully received.

Thank you
Amanda Cossham
Lindisfarne Information Consulting Ltd
New Zealand

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