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The finer points of the Canadian federal system vis a` vis RM -

The Canadian federal government "disposition authorities" do not apply
to provinces (let alone local governments), even though the records
series may be very similar.  Ontario is not like the various states that
provide localities (including school boards) with general or common
schedules.  Ontario municipalities are obliged to create a retention
by-law (municipal ordinance) and educational institutions (school
boards, community colleges and universities) generally speaking develop
their own schedules.

The City of Windsor had (and presumably still has) a retention by-law
that designated the general ledgers (final Y-T-D only) as
permanent...but again, the School Board would have to write its own



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>The Government of Canada Multi-Institutional Disposition Authorities
>states that Ledgers and Registers must be kept for 6 years (Active 2 -
Dormant 4.


Seeing as this states "Common Administrative Records" would that also
apply to Provincial and other Public Agency Records?  I would assume
that similar to what Sharon stated, the requirement for retention of
public records would be extensively longer than that of private
institutions, seeing as they support the usage of public funds and would
be subject to review indefinitely.


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