My major concern is the use of the phrase 'Until Further Notice' for
records that are an important source of information on the track record
of the business. Could the company get into legal hot water in a
litigation discovery where these records a requested and some are


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As my old RIM boss use to say - everything is useful to someone for some
period of time. 'Until no longer useful' and similar nebulous terms give
no positive direction for the disposition of the records.  Other
favorites are "indefinite" (is this the same as "to infinity and
beyond!"?), "until no longer administratively necessary" (who/what
determines administrative necessity?), and "until obsolete" (obsolete by
whose standards or judgement?).

However, as Tod said, some records are difficult to pin down.  In Tod's
example, the retention time frame could be phrased "Until superseded by
new or revised version, then destroy."  It's a little more specific.

Ginny Jones
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