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>Well - I'm going to have to add my own qualification - as I really hate
>"permanent" retentions - that if the manual/procedure/policy covers a
>process that is itself short term, or generates records of relatively short
>retention - you probably don't need to keep those much longer than the
>subject they manage.

apples and oranges. the records produced by the procedure might have a short term retention value, while the procedure/policy has a longer retention value. For example at a former employer retained all benefits/human resources related policy statements back to the early 1950s. the reason being is that the policy was the only source that showed what was due an employee. We had many employees coming back to us in the early 1990s who reviewed to a policy issued in say 1953.

Yes permanent is quite a long time, but I tend to hand assign that retention period as if I'm handing out 1-carat cut diamonds ie not too frequently. I've always believed (and someone correct me if I'm wrong) that no more than 5% of an organizations records could be really be of permanent/historical/archival value.

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