The software will likely need to have security/access rights at the
individual user level rather than department level to achieve the
results you want.  If the company doesn't have the resources to manage
to specific individual, I would suggest at least creating several "user
types" (regardless of department) that have varied access rights.  For
example, you could have Admin (full access), Super User (read, write,
delete but exclude ability to make structural changes) and User (general
user with access to read and write only). 

The result is that each individual will have their "user type" rights
across any assigned departments.  If their rights need to vary across
departments, you're back to needing individual user rights - which is
often the most complex and labor intensive path for the system

You should also find out if the software will have the ability to
produce audit logs to track activity by user (and who will be
responsible for producing, evaluating and enforcing the audits); the
logs can be used to monitor use/misuse of access rights and ensure
accountability of actions in the database.

Hope these few thoughts help and best of luck ...


Julie J. Colgan

Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

Atlanta, GA

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Subject: advice for granting user access/restrictions to records
management system

I am in need of advice for managing access to

submission and retrieval of record groups for

respective end users.  The company for which I work

has recently contracted with a vendor to create

software for a records management system that remote

users will access to submit their records to storage,

as well as retrieve those items.  In terms of granting

access to end users from specific departments, it will grant/restrict
access for respective series mapped to that individual s department.

Any advice for how to manage users who have crossover

between departments, as well as functions, for

submission and use of records?  In the same token,

with trying to maintain privacy, security, and

confidentiality?  An employee stated a concern about

another individual (who has a great deal of crossover

amongst depts.) that he may want to let him view

certain records within a series, but not all materials

within that same group.

Your assistance is appreciated.


A. Miles


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